Prepare Your Fortress

National Geographic for decades has been exploring our world. The deepest depths of the ocean, the farthest reaches of the tundra and beyond have been explored by Nat Geo.¬† the wilds, showing folks how to take on various envrions. Now discovery tackles a whole new wilderness, the doomsday landscape. From post nuclear apocalypse to EMPs to Civil Unrest the show “Doomsday Preppers” travels around the country to better understand how many are preparing for the worst. With a combination of interviews and reviews of each prepper’s gear and plan the show weighs in on the likelihood of their survival. The various scenarios and forecasts that people are prepping for are analyzed as well, giving a percentage on the possibility. On the shows first episode Paul and Gloria Range prepare for a possible shift in the earths magnetic field with a fortress that could withstand not only¬† possible earthquakes, but also bullets. The main component of this structure is no other then a shipping container. Tough and sturdy these containers can take a beating and apparently a bullet. After watching it I started thinking how much would it cost to build a fortress out of shipping containers? Below is a list of sites for prices and plans for constructing your own doomsday fortress.

Hayes Shipping Co. has some of the best deals I have found on prices for various sized shipping containers. Ranging from used 20ft standard containers for $2,595 to a new 40ft High Cube container for $5,725, you’ve got choices. has not only basic layouts, but all the “how-to’s” on joining containers, hooking up electric and plumbing. The only problem is if you want all the goods you gotta drop $47 for the members only area. has DIY section for those planning on constructing a home from shipping containers. Besides the architect designs there are sections of fixtures, flooring and other interior ideas (for those who want something functional and fashionable to weather the storm in).

Really though what good is a fortress without power, then it’s just a bullet proof box. So along with their fortress the couple also built their own wind and solar devices to harness nature for electrical power purposes. After searching I found on a great DIY breakdown for building your own wind turbine complete with videos and sites to select various needs for the project. As for solar power projects has a every project, well under the sun for DIY solar prepping of your home.

So with all this info how would you prepare for this scenario? What additions would you make to a container home? We’d love to hear your thoughts on being prepared!

If you missed it, you can click here to check out the first episode of “Doomsday Preppers” and compare your preparedness with others.